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Student well-being

Student well-being in corona time

LAKS has always been concerned about student well-being in high school. During the corona crisis, this was given extra attention, as many students seemed to be struggling during this time of uncertainty, school closures, and lockdowns. For LAKS, it is very important for students to be able to talk about their problems or concerns at school. That is why last year, for example, LAKS has conducted a survey on trust bonds in schools. In addition, in collaboration with CJP, LAKS conducted seven months of research on student well-being in corona time. You can read more about this below!

Looking for tips on how to help with a particular problem or question? Then scroll down, you’ll find a comprehensive list there. If you can’t figure it out, please contact us.

Weekly questionnaires on student well-being

In the period June-December 2021, LAKS conducted survey research on students’ well-being in corona time in collaboration with CJP. The reason for this was that LAKS received many signals that students were struggling in corona time, for example due to school closures, lockdowns, general uncertainty and stress about tests and (final) exams. Reason enough to investigate how students are really doing. Together with CJP, we distributed weekly questionnaires among high school students.

Something on your mind? Talk about it!

LAKS believes it is important for students to do well, which is why student well-being is high on our agenda. We think it is important for students to feel good about themselves, because how a person feels can have a big impact on their development. In addition, for the past three years, students have had to learn how to deal with the corona crisis, which affects the well-being of young people. Sometimes it can help to talk to someone about how you feel. This can, of course, be with your friends or with your parents/guardians or other family members, or at school with your mentor, a fine teacher or with the confidential advisor. Sometimes, however, you may prefer to tell your story to a “stranger. Therefore, LAKS provides below a number of options where you can tell your story, ask questions and/or get tips.

h3>Find the right place to share your story or ask your question here:

Are you feeling lonely and do you want to talk about it?

Are you experiencing stress and you want to talk about it?

Are you struggling with feelings of depression? Check these websites:

Do you have questions about gender and sexuality?

Do you concerns about eating or do you have a distorted body image of yourself?

Are you being bullied (online) or are you encountering (online) (sexual) harassment?

Are you a victim of sexual violence?

Are you in an unsafe living situation? Or do you know someone in a difficult living situation and you are not sure how to help?

Do you have a parent with mental health problems and would like to talk about this?

Are you having difficulties with the divorce of your parents?

Do you or someone you know have problems with alcohol or drugs?

Were none of the above applicible to you? Contact these organizations:

Of course, calling your doctor is always an option as well. Your general practitioner often knows you best and can therefore work with you to see what the next steps for a solution might be. Moreover, you can talk to the doctor (or the primary care assistant) in confidence and do not have to ask permission from anyone.

Contact with LAKS

Of course, you may also call us anytime and we will then try to help you get to the right agency(ies). Do you have questions about school rules or tests/exams or other school-related issues? Then contact LAKS anyway!

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